Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen rules to drive by if you visit me in Ensenada, Mexico.
1. All driving speed limits are really just suggestions (and sometimes a joke!) unless a cop is in sight.
2. Pretty much all traffic laws are "flexible" unless there is a cop in sight.
3. Just because they are a cop doesn't mean there gonna drive according to any traffic laws. Traffic laws only apply to you.
4. The left hand blinker is to signal that it is safe to pass. Most roads are narrow, and curvey. Most truckers can be trusted even if you can't see, but watch that right hand blinker - if it comes on after he has given you a left hand blinker "all clear" sign then it means "never mind" or "oops, get back quick".
5. So if you do want to make a legitimate left hand turn first get into the oncoming traffic lane and then slow down (putting on the break lights) and then put on your blinker if not, and your in your correct lane and put on your left blinker the guy behind you thinks your giving him the "all clear" to pass and so starts to pass while you make a left hand turn and CRASH!
6. But what if there is oncoming traffic? Then start slowing WAAAAY down first, make SURE the guy behind you can see there is oncoming traffic and when your almost stopped then you can turn on your left blinker. Or better yet - stick your hand out and point to your turn.
7. If at a stop sign and there is a cop - stop and sing one round of "twinkle, twinkle little star" before preceding or they'll ticket you for an incomplete stop.
8. Driving in the middle of the road or even on the opposite side of the road (even on a two way traffic street) is OK, and sometimes the best way to avoid all those pot holes.
9. If others are pausing at a stop sign, don't make eye contact, because that gives away your right of way, just pause and go. Otherwise they will just pause and go.
10. Daring feats of driving boldness is not only acceptable, but respected.
11. If in a traffic jam or line, and someone cuts in front of you, no getting upset - kudos to him for being able to do so. Because of said rule above. And bumper tapping is normal and to be expected, so just ignore it, since NO WAY are we going to let any space get between us and the car ahead of us! That would signal an easy cut!
12. If you witnessed the signal light change from yellow to red, and no one is stopping ahead of you, you can still go through. By the same token, a red light can be ignored completely if no one is coming and, or it is a T intersection and you pass everyone on the right hand shoulder, since there is no oncoming traffic from the right. Although this is mostly reserved to monster trucks and city busses.
13. Finally and most importantly - ALL accidents are illegal, all parties are guilty until proven innocent, so if you do have a fender bender just flee the scene, since the other guy is already done so. Everyone is responsible for their own damages. And this rule kind of actually makes everyone really good and not getting into accidents . . .


Chaotic Mom said...

BOY! This sounds like PHILLY! Even the left turning things. It freaked me out first time I saw it, but used to it now. VERY strange.

Hey, my hubby was once driving a bunch of military guys in a van, to see the sites in Egypt. Navigating the roads was HORRIBLE! He turned one corner hard and his side mirror hit an Egyptian soldier who was carrying a BIG GUN! The guys high tailed it out of there... ;)

kellygirl said...

Oh my, oh my what bitterseet memories! One thing to be glad of now that we are in the States. But I have a story similar to Chaotic Mom's.
One time when we were getting ready to go through the border in Tecate. I misjudged my distance and as I drove past a armored car, my side mirror left a black mark down the side of the vehicle. Talk about embarasing! It has been a running joke to this if you are ever going through the border in Tecate and see a armored car with a black stripe down one side...stop and think of me...and laugh!

Susan said...

Oh my Gosh! So, I think maybe if I ever go to Mexico, I will just take taxi's. Do they have taxi's there?

Hey, thanks for the visit!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

All I can say is 'Yikes!' I think I'd have a heart attack or a mental breakdown or both if I was living there!

Be careful out there!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Now that's my way of driving! LOL!

Great TT!

Thanks for stopping by my place.


It may sound funny for now-a-days majority know how to drive, but honestly speaking I don't know how. There are advantages and of course along comes disadvantages too.
Thanks for passing by.

Ma said...

It's crazy here in Texas too. Especially the people that drive trucks or SUV's. they don't even look if other cars are coming.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Sounds scary...a lot like when hubby and I were in Punta Cana for our honeymoon. There were no lines on the road ~ and really only one windy road that I could see with little dirt roads darting too and fro. We didn't have to go far ~ and we didn't drive, but we were passed about a dozen times...with on coming traffic. It was insane!

Be careful driving ~ good luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

DUDE -- now that I have learned all THAT- you can just come HERE to visit - K? 2 cents said...

A great list! I love it!! This brings back so many memories from driving down to Mexico years ago. Number 8 on your list is so, so true! I remember drivers making a three lane highway out of the two lane highway. I never did know about numbers 4 and 5 though. That's cool. But I know the cops down there are crazy. It seems like cops always loved to stop us for the dumbest reasons, just because we had a US licencse plate.

A great list! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by blog earlier today!

Darla said...

LOL! Sounds like you need nerves of steel. And sounds not unlike driving in Italy, where passing on a 2-lane road with oncoming traffic is not only accepted, but expected.

Give me the insane speeds but rule-abiding of the German autobahns any day. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cheetos, Batman! The rules and laws (or lack there of, lol) sound pretty complicated... I think I will take a taxi, too! Great list, Happy TT! Thanks for visiting my blog :O)

Tammy said...

Wow!! Sounds like an interesting place to drive! LOL Although I think some of those same rules apply in the big cities around here. Great TT!!

Charlsie said...

Wow how ironic, those are the same rules we follow here in Oaxaca! Strange I know, hear the sarcasm in my voice!!!!!

Cece said...

You really live in Ensenada? We've got a vacation planned in Ensenada this March. We have rented a beach house and are really looking forward to the trip. I'll have to keep this post in mind as our trip aproaches.