Saturday, July 15, 2006

We're off!

Just so you know.

My computer crashed on Friday shortly after I did my last post. Does anyone know what Disk boot system failure means? It mean a lot of trouble.

"Is it a black or blue screen?"
"OH NO! The screen of death!"
So says my friend.

We were not able to do anything about it since that next day (today) we left for a month of travel.

We are visiting friends and family and sharing with some of the churches that support us what we are up to. It's fun.

My blogging will be sporadic at best as will my access to internet. So, visits to your blogs, responses, comments will be, I imagine, limited.

I know you won't miss me too much. ;-)


Tammy said...

We had that same system message awhile back...NOT GOOD, I know! :O

Have a super time visiting friend and family this next month! :)

Rhonda said...

Truly sorry about your computer woes. I'll go absolutely nuts if I lose my computer. ITs the only thing that keeps me from slipping into the 19th century here!

Hey, when you can, would you share with us your insight into working with the deaf?
Thanks a bunch, hope to see you soon online,