Saturday, July 08, 2006


Chapter 4

"Women learn from their mothers what it means to be a woman, and from their fathers the value that a woman has - the value they have as a woman."
And then it went wrong . . Oh so desperately wrong because the enemy of our souls hates us.
And he is seeking to rob, kill and destroy.

My husband worries with so much evil out there how can he protect her or help her learn to make the right choices, especially with love?

I remind him that he is already doing it by loving her. She is his princess. She is cherished by him, he is her hero. And that is going to make a big difference in her life because she is learning a) how a real man who loves her will treat her, and b) who God as a father is. Big responsibility as a father but he is doing a great job.

My father died when I was 3. Even though I don't feel the abandonment that some do when a father is just absent. I did feel the lack of him. It affected me and bad things have happened because of it. But I do not have a bleeding wound, I have a scar. A scar that will ache when the weather changes, but I am living a full life, in spite of it. Because God is a God of healing, of making whole, and of beauty. I suspect (without reading ahead ) that is where we are going, once the problems are laid out, to the Answer.
Do you know the song:
Jesus is beautiful,
and Jesus makes beautiful thing of my life.
It's true.


Rebekah said...

It sounds like you and your husband are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter! My mom prayer for me diligently growing, I knew it, and I know it is because of her prayers that I have been protected from many bad situations. We need to keep praying for these beautiful little beings in our lives. Their hearts are too precious not too!

kelli said...

It makes such a difference when you know that your parents have prayed for you as children and are now praying for you as an adult. Your daughter will be blessed by your prayers!

That is a great response to the chapter! I love reading the different perceptions/opinions that everyone has about the chapter.

Take care & God Bless!

sarahgrace said...

Yes Michelle- it is going that way in (at least) the next chapter ( they talk about WHY we are attacked, and it is exactly what you said-there is one who is prowling about like a lion)

I'm so glad God is blessing you and your daughter with a wonderful husband and father...

I thought a lot about my role as a parent with this chapter too- even though I just have boys, I know it relates to them too.

Lucy T said...

Praise God you and your husband have broken the chain.

Camy Tang said...

How inspiring! It's so true that God is the one who heals us.