Tuesday, July 04, 2006

One of my most embarrassing moment.

Peek Inside Me Weekly, a Cheerio Butt idea, looked too fun to not play!

Your most embarrassing moment.

I have several, but this one came to mind.

I took voice one semester in college. We'd work with the voice teacher one on one then every once and again we would have a review where we would meet at a stage with other students of voice, sing the song we are working in front of them and then get feedback. I was working on a Latin piece that repeated a few times, but simple. No sweat.

One day I was going to a review. When I got to the stage we usually met at, no one was there. So I went to another theater entered by the front where someone passed me a program. There were a few people in the audience. I saw a fellow student on stage. My stomach dropped . . . .I went back stage.

There were my fellow voice students all dressed up, and running around. Somewhere in all this crazy I got some answers. Yes this is your REVIEW and- oh - your up next! In horror I looked at the program that was handed to me at the entrance, yup, there I was, NEXT!
Did I mentioned that they were dressed formal, stockings, heels, up-do's, like that?!?
Me? Flannel shirt, jeans, headband, boots.
The show must go on.
I went out started my song.
Had brain freeze and got lost.
My voice teacher gave me a lead into the next part.
Did I mention that there was an audience?
I got lost again. Got the lead in again.
I saw someone in the audience covering their hung head with their hand.
I realized that I didn't know where my song was in the cycle so I just sort of invented a finish.
My voice teacher mercifully finished playing.

It was then that I wanted a hole to crawl into until no one could remember me. But this is a SMALL college and most of the audience was either student or staff that would know me.
I went STRAIGHT to my dorm.
On the RUN out someone said kindly "This was your first time?" And LAST!

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Tiffany said...

Ouch, that must've been so embarassing!!! *hugs* Is it something you can look back on and laugh now?