Sunday, July 16, 2006


Chapter 5

So, this book isn't a bible study per say, and that does make it a bit more difficult, because there is little in the "nice ending" to each chapter but a sort of "to be continued" feeling, which is normal for a book!

If we bypass most of the superlatives (for example: hates women the "most") we get down to the gist. Satan hates us. That is for sure and he is using every means to lie,to us. To hurt us and to demoralize us.

So I anticipate that we are going to start seeing more"answers", YAY!

Those are my cliff notes. :-)


sarahgrace said...

Yep, basically, that's it! ; )
I'm looking forward to the answers too.

Nancy said...

I kinda like the chapter thing. I underline and star as I go along and then reflect in my post. I guess I need a break over the summer from the amazing task master, Beth Moore. :)
I think the content raises much interesting discussion, but I can't say I love the content overall. Hopefully we will end enlightened from each other and/or the authors.

Camy Tang said...

LOL Nice and succinct!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I'm thinking about getting this book. I've heard only great things about it! I worked at a Christian bookstore and it was my bosses favorite book.

Mom Nancy said...

I hope we see answers, soon. I'm getting a little discouraged always reading how hard it is to be a woman and how many problems we women have and how they are all the fault of the men in our lives, or our families or Satan.

Yellow Mama said...

Will miss you, but sounds like this will be a good month away. Expect a full update whenever you get back.

Courtney said...

Yeah the superlatives (ie: "most" women) get tiresome at times, but this chapter finally seemed to offer something different than twirly skirts and makeup which was nice.