Friday, July 21, 2006

My boy the genius

We're traveling, and went from the west coast to the mid-west. Two hour time difference.

And my 11month old son can read a clock, I am TELLING YOU!

Since we have arrived his normal bed time would be 8pm west coast time, and here that's 10pm - so the little ones went to bed at their "normal time".

I, therefore would anticipate that they would be getting up at their "normal" 6:30 am west coast time. Here that would be 8am. Nice.

But you see, my boy reads the clock, and he SAW that it was 6:30am and woke up. 4:30am mommy's time, argh!

So, here we are in the mid-west, enjoying thunderstorms and family, and I am getting less sleep than ever! We are staying with my two lovable, prayer warriors, baby loving, elderly aunts. 'Aunts' as is -aawnts- not 'ants' like the bugs. They have no coffee maker, being tea drinkers, or any internet service, so I'm at the library with a splitting headache planning to visit Starbucks soon! It is that or make a cup of the instant coffee I bought when I got here to try to keep up with my aunties who keep us talking and/or playing cards until midnight or longer. Love it, love it.


sarahgrace said...

Hope you get some sleep tonight!

theresa said...

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I'm on vacation too....traveling North to South. I too hope you get some sleep tonight.

The Royal Family! said...

that's too funny! What a smartie pants!

Rebekah said...

In the midwest, huh? If you're anywhere near Kansas City I'd love to make a stop at Starbucks with ya!