Monday, July 24, 2006

Family Times

Here's the roll call:

My mother Vivian has four sisters and a brother:
and Virgil

Veronica and her family is down south near us. But everyone else is here in the mid-west.

Violet and her husband have two daughters D and J, and a son T.
D has two teenagers Jes and Em
J and her husband have a son my little girl's age and
T with his wife have a daughter K (4) and a son A (9)

Virgil and his wife have 5 children:
C with her husband have a newborn daughter.
K and his wife
L and her husband have 5 girls
S and her husband have two boys 9 and 6 and a girl 3
D and his wife have one son

And we plan to see them all! I just had a blast last night hanging with my cousin S who is my age, and we talked like some old friends: love, life, marriage, children, theology, God and coffee.

So far my own hubby and kids are handeling all this family just fine. For the sake of my kids, my aunts and uncles are all called 'Aunty Grandma' or 'Uncle Grandpa' and just Grandma or Grandpa for short. No one's complaining.

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kellygirl said...

So glad to hear you're having a rolling good time. It is a break well deserved and I pray it is fruitfull in many many ways!
Keep having fun even though I won't be able to see you while you're stateside...pout... I'll see you sometime later, I guess!