Thursday, July 13, 2006

My hearts desire: one minute with God

I'm finding that the time I wish I could spend in God's word and prayer is not happening like I wish.

I used to, and like to, read through the Bible in a year. It's really not that difficult, generally speaking if you read 3 chapters a day you do it.

But lately I have found my self SO FAR BEHIND. I sit to read and think "I'll catch up" then I see - shoot! I missed almost all of June! *AAARRGG!* So, dilemma, try to "catch up" or just start from today. I'll just start from today. MAAAAN! That would mean not reading Isaiah, I LOVE Isaiah!

Maybe I'll just blog. *guilt* blog time = time that could have been spent reading my bible - ugh!
I'm finding that as I get discouraged about missing my daily read, I end up not reading at all, cause I'm not doing "as I should".

This is not good.

So I picked up my devotional a good friend gave me (you know the type, the one page wonders - they have one verse on it and an inspirational blurb, on a short small page) and have started my day like that. With the small ones clamoring for my attention - this works great, because I can read it quick and meditate it while changing the next diaper.
So if a minute is all I have with God - I'LL TAKE IT!


Rebekah said...

Wow, Michelle! I so know how you feel. In fact, I posted about it a while back. I was getting so angry with God because no matter how early I woke up the kids would wake up too. Prior to kids I would have some great late night/early morning study time. With kids - you wake up to crying and at night are so exhausted you drop to the bed. Check out how God touched my heart, it was a huge moment for me:
I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

jessica said...

Everytime I decide that I am going to start a Bible study I get overwhelmed and feel like it is too much... maybe I should try one of those one page blurb things!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I have read through my bible in a year and almost again. But... this time around, I've had more kids and I've gotten busier. I, too, and sad that a another day will pass and I forget. For some reason, I find that if I don't do it in the morning with my coffee, I won't do it later. Something about giving my first fruits of the day to God.. It makes the rest of the day so good. Never give up. Even if you just read one short chapter in Psalms or Proverbs. When I've been out of bible reading for too long, I noticed that I get discouraged faster about things and I am not as strong emotionally. I'm so glad to see another person that cares about their bible reading. :)