Monday, July 24, 2006


Chapter 6

Healing the Wound

I am so glad to be here, at the answers part! It feels like a sprinkle after a dry spell. I believe that the "drench" is on the way still, but I like where we are at now.

I especially liked what it had to say about forgiveness. How we don't say they are right but we free ourselves from the damage that unforgiveness wrecks on us. And it didn't pass my attention that then we can ASK HIM TO DESTROY OUR ENEMIES! *oh yeah*

I did actually do this. My prayer went "bring them to account for this", and I don't know if or how God answered this but just the freedom and ability to do it! It felt like boxing gloves and I didn't feel so "helpless-victim-ish". I believe that in the Psalms has something about asking God to "crush their teeth" . . .
And then . ..
Oh yay! And then . . . to LET HIM FATHER YOU . . . My soul just sighed *aaahhh*
And the thought itself brings me so much rest and love that I really CAN NOT express it. If I dwell here, I cry.

Oh, so I agree, take your Question to Jesus. He is the ANSWER, and it is GOOD! I eagerly await what is next . . .ROMANCE!
Woo Hoo!


sarahgrace said...

Oh Michelle! I love reading your posts! I imagine that you must have a pretty bubbyly personality and I love how transparent you are.

Camy Tang said...

I loved how this chapter focused so much on Christ! Not on us or our wounds or our hurts, but on how Christ can take all that away! Praise God!


Chaotic Mom said...

I've been "away" for a while and have MISSED your posts! What a neat one to come back to read. Thanks for sharing the little s"prinkle", I definitely needed it. ;)