Friday, June 15, 2007

Where have I been?!?!?

"What's with all this fluff and stuff of my blog content lately?" you may ask yourself.

If anything I am wondering the same. It's just that life is threatening to overwhelm me and I've had to keep it light in order to maintain some foothold and not go into a whole "woe is me" tirade . . . . us who are in Christ have the Peace that passes all understanding, doesn't mean life is free from difficulties.

And I am hormonally impaired to handle much of anything . . . at all!

One of the difficulties that we have taken upon ourselves is that we have choosing to keep our medical care state side. One of the options a person has when working this close to the boarder. This works well with my hubby living with peritoneal dialysis, we feel we get the best treatment there.

The sacrifice is the drive. Depending on the boarder wait it is a 2-3 hour (can be longer in Tijuana at times) trip to the doctors.

On Sunday my son was having great difficulties breathing. We tried the usual remedies, hot shower steam, cold night air, nebulizer . . . nothing was helping and he seemed to be getting worse.

I really knew my hubby didn't want to drive up to the states that night. Sunday nights are pretty bad at the boarder, we really don't have the extra gas money and both he and I had doctor appointments on Wednesday so an extra trip up and down would have been a bit to much on everybody.

But the option was to go to the emergency hospital here, and they don't know my son's history, and in my opinion tend to over medicate, and it would all be out of pocket . . and since we didn't even have the gas money . . . .

Yet it so happened that super brother J was down visiting with us, and so I asked if we could ride back state side with him, me and my son. He could drop us off at the ER and we would stay with friends until my hubby came up for the Wednesday doctor appointments.

Phone calls and frantic packing later we were off . . . We got to the ER about midnight, perhaps a bit closer to 1, and were there until about 5 am. My boy had a full blown case of of croup. When we went home he wasn't 'healed' but he was breathing with much less difficulty . . .

Before my bro dropped me off, he asked me my plans since I didn't have a car . . . I told him what I was thinking and he said "Well, why don't I just expect a call from you some time between 3am and 8am . . that way you can leave your suitcase and stuff in the car . . . ."

I can not express how grateful I am for him . . . for his consideration in all of this. And on the way home he buys me a decaf soy Starbucks latte and a breakfast sandwich. Icing on the cake, really . . . . I am blessed. So my boy and I go to our friends house for some sleep - and settle in for our stay until Wednesday.

That was our Sunday to early Monday morning . . . .part two (oh yes, there is a part two) will be posted perhaps tomorrow.


MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

Ok so this story just made me shed some tears... After all i went through this week and to know that at the same time there are other's having to go through similar things.. I dont wish that on anyone.. But I too have awesome brother's 2 of them that help out extremely whenever I need them!!!!! I dont even know how to thank them enough sometimes!!!

Midsummer Night said...

Your brother sounds wonderful. I am so sorry you had to go through such a scary stressful time. But I am so thankful your little one is better.

mutating missionary said...

i pray for you