Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monday, Tuesday

So, continuing in our story from last post . . .

The emergency had passed, my boy was breathing easier, and with orders from the ER to see his pediatrician that day (Monday), we went to the place we stay when state side, to get some much needed sleep.

Aside from a visit with his pediatrician and a stop at the supermarket for some food items and prescriptions, we slept most of Monday away. Loved it, and my boy was now was only sleepy and clingy but doing well.

As it so happens, a good friend of mine is just a couple houses away. I have written about her before . . . she is 36 weeks pregnant and has a 10 month old. Proof you can get pregnant while nursing.

Anyway . . . for a while now I have been wanting to check out this place called JavaMama. Long time ago I bemoaned that we mamas who are/were former Starbucks junkies needed a coffee house with a play place . . . that is JavaMama in a nutshell.

Since I didn't have anything pressing to do but wait for my hubby to show up on Wednesday for another round of doctor visits (for us, this time) I invited my friend to check out this place with me on Tuesday . . . and so, a little after morning nap time, toting our little boys, our baby gear and our pregnant-selves along we made our way out there.

It's a ways north east of where we were at, but the drive was enjoyable, and with two pregnant brains (equals one whole brain, for the most part) we only had to do one u-turn before we arrived. Pretty good . . . and we enjoyed our time there - the coffee was good, the play area better, and we hypothesised about starting our own JavaMama franchise down south were we KNOW other mothers need it!

Thing was, all day, all through the drive, and all through coffee my friend was having contractions. Not to painful, but some enough to take her breath away, and about 4-5 minutes apart. So just to be sure (for the fun of it) we finished up our coffees and then I drove her to the hospital.

Gear, kids and our pregnant selves waddled into the triage, and in about an hour we all waddled back out. Turns out she is only 1cm dilated, and as for the contractions . . .well *shrug of shoulders* try to rest, and hold out until at least Monday where the baby would be considered full term.

I just called her now . . . she is still pregnant, and if she gets up to walk across the room she gets contractions, which pretty much means that she is experiencing contractions every 4 or 5 minutes- All.The.Time.
Remember; I did say she has a fast crawling 10 month old.

Pretty much, I think this qualifies her to a "I was in labor for weeks!" labor story and buys her way out of dishes at least for a year . . .
but I'm not sure her hubby would agree.


Kelli said...

Man, I wish there had been a Java Mama when I had two little ones -1 14 months apart. I can't imagine two under one.


jason & rigel said...

Hey! I finally make it to your blog...believe it or not, first time! tried several times before, wasn't able to, is Karen doing?! how far along is she?!
You're right! my Abi is ready to start walking! Hurry with the Java Mama down here in Ens!

sarahgrace said...

I hope your friend doesn't have to spend too many weeks in labor. I've been having quite a few contractions myself, but nothing that takes my breath away. Glad your boy is doing better and that everything works out. It's so awesome to see how God provides! Hope your appointments on Wens went well. :)