Friday, June 15, 2007

For some spare change . . .

I must say, PayPerPost; ads on blogs, is good for my marriage.

When I first signed up with PayPerPost I was tentative and cautious with it since . . . well, really, how often is it so easy to just get money handed to you? . . . Surely there must be a catch. . So WAAAAAAAAY back in Dec of 2006 I did one post. And waited . . . about one month later in my pay pal account I had about $5. Ok . . . so then later I tried another post, and then a third.

I now have $15.75 and I know that isn’t a pot o’ gold, but that for only 3 posts, really that’s pretty good! Right now I am saving up for a small pop-up pool for the kids (almost there!) and the big dream is for my own laptop computer *sigh* (ways, ways, ways to go yet) but it is conceivable!

Now, I’ll tell you why I love PayPerPost: I get to decide what I’m going to post about, and only when I want to, so it is something I have something to say about, and this then becomes my ‘fun’ money that I don’t have to worry my hubby over.

Hence . . . good for my marriage! LOL!

Very worth it.


sarahgrace said...

Hhhmmm...that sounds, at the very least, worth looking into. Thanks for the tip. :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Definitely worth looking into! I do bloggerwave, but there aren't very man opportunities on there and so I've only done one post. This sounds like something I could do more often. Do you get commission for referring people?

Amy said...

Hey, any amount of money is great. You gotta love it!

I tried it once and I couldn't figure it out. I'm a little dense that way! Oh well, I probably only would have done one and then forgotten about it. I'm so like that!

Lauren said...

I've wondered if it's worth it or not... thanks for the testimony!

Gina said...

I almost signed up for this, but I balked when it wanted my personal information. I'm still tempted to do it, though I'm still not sure if it makes blogging more commercialized and if I want to go that route. Then again, if I'm already blogging about stuff anyway, why not get paid!