Saturday, June 30, 2007

An award!


Would you look at this . . . Scratchin' the Surface nominated me for my first award EVER!

*giggle* Someone thinks I rock!

She says its been a year *ALREADY?* that we've known each other via a blog bible study. WOW! And here I thought it was me who was getting all the insight and blessings from her! Well, thank you Bev!

And now I get to spread the love to five people I think 'rock' . . . . oh joy!

#1 Tales From the (Momma) Hood is a gal I have been following since she was Cheerio Butt . . . I love her wacky humor, her love for life, and the fact that she can look so good mothering 6 young-uns.

#2 Sarah from Sermon on the Mount of Laundry has been my buddy-prego-gal and a staunch supporter of all that is natal. She has two boys and is going to have a girl ANY DAY NOW! How exciting is that!

#3 is Chaotic Mom from The Chaotic Home. A fellow coffee addict, she speaks like a zillion languages, designed my blog, has three active boys, two of which are deaf with cochlear implants, but still, she and them sign (which I love) . . . she's moved more often then the years she's been married and is EVER learning something new. I am actually in awe of her. In awe.

#4 Barefoot in the Garden used to be Chaotic Mom's neighbor (until CM moved) and is how I got to know her. She is honest with her struggles and joys and I really appreciate that. She, along with her darling kids, has spoiled me rotten and showered me and my kids with love. She's the type of lady that feels like a kindred spirit, even though we have never actually 'met'. I sincerely hope some day we do.

#5 Kelly from I'm in over my head, but under His grace was my neighbor back in the day before she moved, and my good friend and confidant. If there is any dirt to know about me, she knows it, and if I have any rants to rave she hears it. Her husband is hard of hearing and was the pastor here to the deaf of Ensenada for years before they passed the mantel on to Carlos Suarez. People often mistook us for sisters, and in many ways we are. I feel like I've 'grown up' with her. She may not get to post all that often (or as often as I'd like) but she rocks nonetheless!


sarahgrace said...

Well, thank you! I'm so flattered, and think you definitely deserve the award yourself, rockin' mama!

Rosemarie said...

You've been nominated...again!

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