Saturday, June 23, 2007

Real mom's.

So Amy did this meme a while ago, I thought is was real cute so, I'm not really going to make it a meme, but just come up with a few of my own "real moms" moments. Here goes…
  • Real moms has kid scribblings all over anything paperish in their purse.
  • Real moms can walk out of the house with only one hand of painted nails, and not notice, or care.
  • Real moms don't shower every day.
  • Real moms would rather sleep.
  • Real moms have smooshed goldfish in the bottom of their purses (this was amyszoos, but I'm coping it, cause gosh darn . . it's true!)
  • Real moms drop pretty much everything for a cry that sounded like it REALLY hurt.
  • Real moms know the difference.


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

According to this, I am a Real Mom, yeah me. :)

Amy's Zoo said...

Isn't it funny how you really can tell the difference between a real and a fake cry? You KNOW when it's serious! :)

Belizegial said...

This is so true. Whenever I am wat the dentist with my daughter, she will invariably ask for something to write on. So I have learnt to carry paper in my purse for just such an occasion. LOL

Sunday blessings,
Enid in Belize City

Belizegial said...

oops.. I meant 'at' the dentist :)

sarahgrace said...

Yep...I must be a real mom...because I can relate to every single one of these. Especially the sleep part right now. ;)

And yay! only 99 days left! You're in the double digits!

kellygirl said...

It is nice to know that I a real mom. I checked off each one of these! Matter of fact he other day in church I wanted to take some notes and the notepad I had in my purse was just about filled up already...with kid notes! I had to struggle to find a place to write!

Heather said...

I guess I'm not a real mom. ;)

The thought of goldfish in my purse... or only one hand painted... or not showering every day.


But I do know the difference between a fake cry and a real one.

Melanie said...

Oh that list is too funny!