Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Irish Twins

I visited my friend and her 5 month old back when he-baby N- was still 4 months old.

We were passing on baby clothes that had been passed on to me and after sorting through the bag we were left with some 0-3 month old clothes and we were talking about what to do with them.

That's when she first clued me in that she may, just may have use for them before anyone else. But since her firstborn was just out of being a newborn himself, and since we just had "ha ha-ed" at Britney Spears having the babies so close together . . . well, she was holding on to the hope that what she was feeling was just a fluke.

Then I got this e-mail:


Well, we can no longer deny the inevitable. We are indeed pregnant. 10 weeks along. I even saw the little arms moving. My heart melted when I saw that. Due date July 9th, but baby was a week smaller, so... basically around N's birthday. The nurse practitioner said it is what they call Irish twins when they are born so close together. She also told me there was another lady in at the same time as we were in the same "predicament". So here we go again, busting out those maternity clothes- oh, wait - I was still wearing them!

Love, Karen
(a non-blogging Karen)

I confess. . . I chortled, and giggled.

But my friend does read this blog . . . so if you care to de-lurk, say "Hi" to her, 'cause we really are happy for you Karen, really!
You always did want twins.


sarahgrace said...

Well, congratulations to her!! She's due 11 days before me! I'm glad mine aren't going to be that close together though! woooh.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

AS a twin - not the Irish variety - she is blessed indeed! My twin is one of the greatest gifts in my life!

Anonymous said...

congrats Karen!! My sister's boy are Irish twins! They are the same age for one day, and then the older one turns the next year older. Same age for a day! She's gonna have her hands full! But I've heard it's worth it in the long run becuase they'll be able to play together! 2 cents said...

Congrats to her!!

Cece said...

Congratulations, Karen!

kellygirl said...

Wow! Congratulation to you Karen! That is exciting news!

Midsummer Night said...

Congratulations Karen! What a wonderful, although obviously unexpected blessing!