Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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The house we rent was put together and added on to without much planning, if any. I am grateful to God for the CHEAP RENT!!!, but my list today is:
Thirteen gripes I have with the house.
  1. I think that we have one, maybe two outlets that are upright. ALL the others in the house are either sideways or upside down, which is no fun for pooh, or me who likes her Wallflowers!
  2. The floor in our bedroom is at a noticeable slant. I think I lay about an inch higher than my hubby when I'm laying next to him. (OK, maybe an inch is an exaggeration . . . )
  3. There are light switches to mystery things - cause after a year of living here we have NO idea what they're for.
  4. Speaking of light switches, notice in the picture how entry to kitchen is on the OTHER side of table to light switch for said kitchen . . . Yes this is a lot of DARK nights I'm stumbling around t get to it! Or reaching WAY over countertops to shut if off after mopping . . .
  5. In the kitchen the sink is one big basin. Since I hand wash (no dishwasher: another gripe there) I like two basins for wash and rinse, you know?!
  6. Also in the kitchen we have an industrial size stove (HUGE) with like 8 burners on it or something, two ovens, BUT it leaks gas so we have to manually turn the gas of and on from outside the house if we want to use the burners. Can't use the ovens because (of the leaks) the pilot lights are a burning bush size!! And we just get an house full of smoke. The gas being off during non-use hours does mean we have no hot water unless we go turn on the gas and then light the water heater.
  7. But that's ok, since this two bedroom house with one granny studio has 4 bathrooms, but only ONE working shower. And we just CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY THE OTHER SHOWERS ARE NOT GETTING HOT WATER!!!!
  8. In the bathrooms there is an ugly green counter top that shows EVERY leftover spit and goop, that matches an ugly green mirror and has no near by towel rack. And do you see the white cord crossing the counter to behind the mirror-the only outlet in the bathroom .(upside down!)
  9. And the bathrooms generally are designed with Huge shower space, narrow toilet space. For my broad shouldered hubby, he jokes that he backs in *beep, beep, beep*
  10. In our master bathroom there is a jacuzzie - except if you try to turn on the bubbles/jets you get a shock (not good, not good), so it just serves us as a BIG bathtub - ugly green.
  11. We live on a busy street that semi's and all sorts of traffic roll - ha!- THUNDER down. If we ever have had or have an earthquake, we would never know because those trucks RATTLE our windows and shake our floors enough.
  12. This is our yard. The trucks are not ours, but the owners and mastermind behind this house. And the tree is fake.
  13. This fortress is surrounded by a big cement wall enclosed by a HUGE red gate that is HEAVY and HARD to open. Not for the faint of heart!

Why isn't some of this fixed yet? Good question! My hubby is pretty handy at repairs too, but I've heard it said that a burnt out light bulb is the last thing to get fixed in an electricianss house. Honestly, it's that these 13 things are just a few of the MUCH MORE, also, my hubby has already fixed up several things already! And if it involves money or someone besides himself to become involved (and it otherwise doesn't directly affect him) like the stove would, it gets put to the bottom of his list.

Next week I will do 13 things I like about the house . . . Got to have balance!


Darla said...

Oh, Michelle! I'm going to have to return to your list every time I complain about the house I'm living in. Believe it or not, though, I'm envying you your one big sink. Our kitchen also has no dishwasher and one sink, but it's a small one. Argh.

I'm going to have to do a list like this soon. Thanks for the idea!

Joy said...

That's a great idea! I could do my own list about our house as well!! Is it hot there??
Have a great day!

Kailani said...

The one about the outlets (#3) drives me crazy. It reminds me of when Monica of Friends tried to find out where the outlet led to and ended up puching holes in the wall. Thanks for visting The Pink Diary.

janice said...

I was looking at that outlet picture and trying to figure out what that Pooh thing was until i read it. Good grief! - hope your next house is an improvement. But at least you have all the things that you do have right? Good for you for trying to be positive!!

janice said...

about the Linky thing - I am not sure - I would have to ask sue - i will get her to email you ok?

Michelle said...

Reminds me of my place in Korea... ;)

Mom Nancy said...

We have mystery switches (well, one) and the light switch for the kitchen is so well hidden that my husband lived in the house for weeks (he moved into it before I ever even saw it) before he found it. We have things in our house that I would dearly love to find the previous owner and say, "What did you use this for?" or "Why did you put this here???" AND the man who lived her before us added an addition on himself and as the Terminix guy said after looking around for the mouse, "He didn't get the ENTIRE Do It Yourself series from Time-Life, did he?" We have walls in our bedroom that don't actually meet the floor! And the cabinets in the bathroom didn't have a back wall to them - they were just open to the interior wall, so the mouse could get into the bathroom quite easily.

Susan said...

PS, that comment from you, two up, is really from ME, ha ha! I forgot to sign out from Blogger when I was working on your sidebar, and didn't realize I had commented as YOU. OOOPS! ;)

Chaotic Mom said...

I CAN NOT believe I just did it, again, as Susan this time (doing similar stuff on her sidebar, too). Holy cow, I need to get more sleep!

Rhonda said...

Don't you just love the mission field?
Not to worry, your "mansion over the hilltop" will have great electrical work. I'm trusting the Builder to be a master Electrician as well!