Saturday, June 24, 2006

Captivating Beauty

Chapter 2

I've been hearing this similar theme from different sources, and one thing I've learned in this life is that I've got to pay attention 'cause God is trying to teach me something. Perhaps it is to get in touch with my feminine side?

"Perhaps I, too, was part of royalty but my position had been lost." Is anyone else having LBY flashbacks? Where Beth Moore said that the secret of the kingdom is there is a kingdom! And we are a part of it! It all speaks to me not of condemnation, but of gentle calling back to what is ours!

"This is not some weakness or insecurity on the part of a woman, that deep yearning to be desired" "It is a glory . . . that reflects the heart of God."

"A woman's struggle with her sense of worth points to something glorious she was designed to be" echoed for me the quote found on Cheerio Butt's blog site "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." C.S. Lewis

Then it just floored me to learn that Eve was made a ezer, which is used only 20 other times in the bible where the person being described is God himself when they needed him to come through for them desperately! It spoke to me of my necessity! Wow!

"The reason a woman wants a beauty to unveil, the reason she asks, Do you delight in me? is simply that God does as well. God is capivating beauty."

My *ah-ha* moment - the string that threads all these pearls together is this: We are looking and learning about God while /through learning about ourselves. We are looking in to a mirror and seeing the reflection of GOD in us! How awesome is that?! How Beautiful!


Danielle said...

That is a theme that keeps coming back to me with every page I read. I may not agree with every word the author has chosen to describe God, but by looking at my own heart, I truly am discovering God's. Thanks for your post!

janice said...

Your last point is a great insight - thanks :)

I too love that CS Lewis quote!

Midlife Moments said...

Pretty Awesome if you ask me!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on chapter 2.. I really need to get mine up!


Nancy said...

I don't remember the mirror quote, but it is a beautiful one. I'm going to go back and highlight it.
Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

That mirror line wasn't a quote - that was a Michelle original. :-)

Camy Tang said...

I also loved that section on woman as ezer. I thought it was sooooo significant.

And your post made me realize something I kind of glossed over--we are meant to reflect God's character and heart. That makes me see my friends and other women in a slightly different light. Thanks for pointing that out.


sarahgrace said...

Yep-everything you said and more! Love this chapter!