Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Something you wouldn't of guessed

From www.childrenandcheeriosontheloose.blogspot.com [blogger problems, don't ask] we get the peek-inside-me weekly . . . This weeks topic is "Something others wouldn't have guessed or a secret"
Well, my secrets are exactly that, so I will tell you something that doesn't usually come up and you probably wouldn't have guessed of me.
Back in the day I served my time in the Army National Guard. Some old pictures here, back when I actually RAN 2 miles or so on a regular basis. Long, looooong time ago.
um - no, I do not have a scanner . . . sorry.


All alone in the moonlight,

I can smile at the old days.

I was beautiful then.

(Memory, from the musical "Cats" Loyd Webber)


kellygirl said...

Love' em Michelle! Then and now...you're still beautiful!

Mom Nancy said...

I think you are beautiful now, even more so now, because it is a mature beauty and that of a mom!

Chaotic Mom said...

WAAAAAAAY cool thing I would have never guessed about you. Now I like you even more! ;)

Heather said...

How cute you are!

Anonymous said...

Oh please! You haven't changed a bit! Still beautiful! And I envy you and wish that I could brag on something like that! Thanks for playing!

Michelle said...

You all are too sweet, really! Making me *blush*