Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy June!

Well, yesterday I got to catch up with a bunch of friends and e-mail, so glad to, too! But at just about 3 or 4 pm as I was sitting at my computer I started to feel real funny. Like a low sugar drop - but it wasn't, it was the stomach flu coming on. My hubby was working so I was by myself with the kiddies.
What do stay at home moms do when they get the flu?
-Tend to our babies a best as we can,
-put on videos for toddler
- repeat yourself "not now, honey, mommy's sick"to any requet
-Let 9 month old wail, because he is just fine, but would rather be playing with mommy.

I feel horrible - but you've been there so I won't go into details. You know! Mommy takes care of the sick ones, she brings in the "sick" food, the gatoraid, and now when mommy is sick mommy envisions dishes ever growing - spills being left un-cleaned, whatever toddler took out, messed up, strewn - left. No bathing, no cooking , no nothing! Just means more work once I feel better.
Then to top the day off, little toddler gets BIG PUKE SICK in MOMMY'S bed! Over and over and over again. Lovely.
So today - I called in the help of my mommy!

Since she now has laundry under control and entertaining 9 month old, I'm gonna rest.

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kellygirl said...

So awesome that your mommy can come and help. Makes me miss my mommy. Here I sit in Texas and she in California. I hope you get to feeling better soon, you and you're little one.