Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tackle it Tuesday!

This whole morning I've been out running around. But I got to do one of my most favorite type of interpreting - for a deaf lady who is almost 3 months along in her pregnancy at her doctor's appointment. The doctor visits here in MX that I've been to ALWAYS have an ultrasound in their little rinky-dink office that smells of too much disinfectent spray. Again I am struck by the little life within - wow - moving, completely human, we even got to see the 12 week fetus suck it's thumb . . .*awww* Absolutely amazing! Now I'm home, it's 3:58, kiddos are napping (BOTH AT ONCE!!, again, absolutely amazing) so I am ready to begin my

I am going to tackle half the laundry (the kids clothes) and the dishes.

Well, I went to grab my camera and it is missing it's battery. Now I remember that the charger is in the car with the battery in it, and my hubby is off at work . . .With the car. Really, I am not trying to get out of posting my dirty laundry for all to see!

So, verbal description: - Sunday was all about church and visiting family, and then Monday we were running around doing errands and doctor appointments so both dishes and laundry have had all this time to PILE UP!! The adjectives to use are mountainous, huge, grandiose, mas que plethora, mucho, and eewww - (who left their sippy cup half filled with milk in the sink???)
Please be mindful that I have no dishwasher or dryer so that puts more time on the equation. But I will let you know once I'm done! :-)

*he he he he* :-D

I just noticed that Tackle it Tuedsday is about any job DURING THE WEEK, not just today (some of you ladies were REALLY impressing me what you could co in a day!!!)! Hey, I'm new at this! ;-) Oh well, I'll be ready for next week!

OK, got the dishes done and a load hung up, but got interrupted with dinner, a couple of diapers and potty breaks (for my 2 year old), and the house was straightened for when my hubby got home. So, yeah for me!


janice said...

good word picture!! i can see it - gosh it is a lot!

good luck as you tackle it!! :)

BooMama said...

"mas que plethora" made me laugh out loud. :-) Hope you got it done!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Good work, that's ALOT to tackle! I wish you luck!

eph2810 said...

Yeah for you. You did very well in describing your tackle jobs. Wow - I don't know if I could live without my dishwasher anymore, especially since I have started blogging - lol.
Thanks for stopping by :).

janice said...

life without a dishwasher sounds just plain scary - good for you for surviving!!!

Huge Yipee to you for your job well done.

And about the "Tuesday" part - yes it is tricky. When I first thought of it I thought maybe that the project we would do on Tuesday - but with everyone's time differences etc, then many would miss the finished product etc... SO, I decided that it would be whenever during the week and we coudl CELEBRATE on Tuesday. Or just post it as you did before and the update Tuesday night. That is what I did the first one. Whatver works best for you :)

So glad you joined and so happy that you like the game. :)