Saturday, June 17, 2006

!GOOAALL! (or lack of it)

Mexico is caught up right now in FOTBOL fever (aka: soccer) while Mexico is competing for the World Cup. My hubby and I are not sports fans of anything so we kind of just live by in peaceful unaffected sports bliss, but here it is getting kinda hard. People are wearing their fotbol t-shirts everywhere and dragging their 27 inch T.V.'s to construction work sites!
Yes, you heard me right.

*blogger is not letting me post this picture, so use your imagination*


Part of our ministry to the deaf on my hubby's part is to take men and apprentice them in construction skills. So he is heading up construction now on a building for a neighboring ministry with some deaf men and some men from that community when yesterday he recounts this scene.

Lunch time rolls around and a fellow pulls out his TWENTY SEVEN INCH TELEVISION SET(!) and places it on a make shift table of cinder blocks and wooden planks covered by (at his wife's insistence I am sure!) a pink table cloth (see what I mean, wife's involvement, no doubt) and sets up a large tarp to provide shade for all 10 or so guys, who are sitting on buckets, cinderblock and other misc. items typically found at a construction site!

That's devotion!

This is a small town (so said aforementioned wife could walk by and check that the T.V. wasn't just sitting on DIRT!) and the roads are not paved. LOTS OF DUST! When hubby comes home he is COVERED in dirt because the dust sticks to his sweat creating a sort of automatic mud mask. The white band on his arm is where his watch usually is, so the difference is part tan, part mud . . .Sorry it's blurry- I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway - Mexico tied in their last game 0 to 0, thus the reference to lack of goal in the title.


Yellow Mama said...

We have friends in Mexico and down into Belize who set up churches and are kind of apostles over those churches. My oldest went on mission trip to Mexico a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Keep on writing girl!

janice said...

I live in an unaffected by sports world too most days. My hubby is a huge hockey fan and i used to be. So I watch som ehockey and I do care who wins for my hubby's sake.

Soccer is fun though. The World Cup is cool, but I rarely watch.

Too gross and funny about the mud masks!

Chaotic Mom said...

I loved this story. I especially love hearing about the work you guys do. ;)

Rhonda said...

Hey, Michelle!
I can sooooo relate to the whole World Cup hoopla. Thankfully, DH is on a 10 day missions trip to Paraguay, or he'd have the whole church over here, with the video projector, projecting the games on my livingroom wall!

BTW, I just started my young ladies blog in Spanish. Its

I have a hunch our sign language teacher is getting ready to start his own blog. I'll let you know.


Sandra said...

Well Michelle I am right there with the World Cup and have mentioned it on my blog quite often LOL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE soccer, I'm portuguese so it's a HUGE thing for me and my family. Love Portugal and Brazil and now for my kids I'm rooting for the USA too. We watch all the games and I just bought my kids soccer shirts to wear too LOL