Monday, October 30, 2006

That ticker of mine!

Almost lost it . . . Aaaalmost. Just now, after coming home from a tiring day of errands and other "stuff", calling back and forth about doctors and picking up my mother with 8 parcels.

I had been gone from home since Sunday with both kids in tow, and getting home I see there is a pile of dishes. Not done since . . .Sunday.

I'll spare the details, but with this and that, and being VERY tired, I just about snapped some answer to my hubbies inquiries. I can't even remember what it was. I think I just wanted to yell. Funny huh?

Anyway - waaaaaaay back in the back of my brain was the warning "uh, ticker!" and I was able to bring it down to a small sass.

So ya see? Accountability has been victor tonight!

Yes, I will go and apologies to the hubs for being sassy. Because I WANT a peaceful home. And I know it starts with me.

And you know a plus? He did laundry. :-)

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janice said...

this morning I was sooooooo grumpy with my son. he was soooooo whiny and we were late (my fault - i am always late esp in the am) for his hockey. and I HATE getting his skates and gear on and getting him on the ice. And he was soooooo whiny - did I mention that?!?! yes, so I FAILED! I SUCK! I was that grumpy, stressed out, rushed, miserable mommy I hate to be! and then he had the nerve to need to PEE and insisted that he needed to take off his skates and helmet to do so!!!! argggghhhhh. hopefully i will do better on wed morning!