Monday, October 09, 2006

A parenting day.

This was an e-mail that I wrote when the little guy was still nursing. My friend, now a new mother, saved it and sent it back with greater appreciation.

Here is the truth I've learned today:

Things get done - not "with the kids" but "in spite of the kids".

It is like running in water!

I know, can you believe no one TOLD me!

Your daily tasks to be completed: beds, kids up, dressed, hair and (if they have any) teeth brushed, and feed. Laundry, lunch for Little miss and me, clean up and the dishes.

Of course between these things there is random nursing, diaper changing and kid mess wipe ups that are constantly going on.

Little Guy is having what I think is allergies and not feeling good, so the only place he wants to be is in my arms while I'm walking around.

Note: he is NOT happy if I try to sit down with him. So I have two choices, set him down some where and listen to him wail, or hold him and try to do everything with one arm - which causes me more mess 'cause I spill so much . . .

While sitting down to nurse the little guy, Little Miss wants in on the action and usually gets both me and Little Man yelling at her to leave us alone. This usually leaves Little Miss crying too. Plus, she has taken them off the tennies I put on her and put on her church shoes (on the wrong feet) with NO traction, so she keeps falling, slipping on this tile floor!

Now is the blessed hour (possibly two) when I have just laid both kids down for their afternoon nap. Even though I can smell sour milk (urp) on me somewhere and my shoulder is soaked from drool, I can feel my sanity returning.

Perhaps I'll tackle a big task now, like *sigh* supper?


kellygirl said...

Oh the joys? of motherhood....there is to be much appreciation for mothers or those who understand that their job is not so 'simple' as taking care of children. But to care for them in spite of them and their crazy days!

Heather said...

Love that "in spite of" :) sooo true. I enjoyed looking at your site today!-heather