Saturday, October 28, 2006

Are you ready for this?

Nablopomo? What is that? Well it is National Blog Posting Month of course!

This is the challenge. To write post something every day during November.

There is more information here if you wish to join, but be warned: there are two "bleep" worthy expressions in this post that would disqualify one from "The Family Friendly Blogroll".

And I did enjoy their other seal that said "Aut blog aut mori" which is most likely incorrect Latin for "blog or die.", but then I'd get probably get quietly escorted off the Family Friendly Blogroll for sure!

The fun starts in November, and November is such a fun month!


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Man, I'm just hoping to get dressed and brush my teeth every day in November!

Midsummer Night said...

Good luck! I would join, but um... just getting a shower in each day is hard.

sarahgrace said...

That sounds like a fun challenge...that I may try to live up to...but so far, I have to admit I am failing to live up to my October challenge which was to complete a project a day...oh well!