Friday, October 20, 2006


Our phone line was cut. Not in "we didn't pay the bill" but in "the PHONE LINE was CUT" we presume by the electric company when they were fooling around the post out front. We just got the phone line back.

Hello you beautiful WWW world!

If you don't know already, my husband takes deaf men and apprentice them in construction skill while building things for other ministries, people and the like. That's his ministry.

So today after we watched him go, sleepy Little Miss turns to me:

"Daddy go to wok."

"Yes, daddy is going to work."

"He building."

"Yes, that's right."

"He making castles."

(big smile and a hug from mommy)

"That's right, baby girl, your daddy builds castles."

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kellygirl said...

Ok, so the first thought I had was...don't you wish he'd build you one too!