Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fasting Day 1

today waking blood test was 108. A bit high for "normal" but good for a diabetic. Weight, for our starting day we will call "0".

Had black coffee and took my meds. Grabbed my water and went. Today was stressful and full, so I've been bugged with the desire to put stuff in my mouth all day.

And have been having heartburn. So I've been popping tums, which probably doens't help my craving  because of the trace amounts of sugar in them. I've heard lemon water helps with heartburn, so I'll use that next time.

At lunch Alex was eating Milk Duds and I took one off him. But other than that, I had some peprment tea and have been good.

Now at 4:45, I have cravings again. Almost done with my water. Might make some tea when I get home. We'll see.

Oh, and had one more cup of black coffee at lunch. Then another at night.
We've got a lot of stress going on. Just found out my boy in a play got promoted to a lead role that he has 3 days to learn the lines, song and blocking. Science Fair tomorrow, and just a lot going on.

Bedtime weight was unchanged. Blood sugars 64 (wow!) and Ketones where 2.2. You are considered in ketosis at 1.5 and higher. This is prime fat burning mode. Woo Hoo!

Ok. Good night.  :-)

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