Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life in the City

We live in the capital of Baja California.
There is wealth right smack dab against poverty here.
This morning, wouldn't you know, I heard a sound that is not all that uncommon. Plus, I happen to really love this sound.
The sound of a rooster crowing.
Right between the rumble of the semi's going down the road, there's the cock-a doodle do.

Or as the roosters sing in Spanish "Ki ki ri ki!"

I think even the rich houses might have some chickens roaming around back too, come to think of it . . .


my name said...

Hi!!! My name is Carly and I am 13years old. I was looking for the lyrics to Take It All in spanish and beleive it or not, you are one of the few websites that has it. I go to Healing Place Church aka HPC in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I found your blog and was about to hit the back button when God told me to leave a comment. Crazy how God works through blogging, eh? Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that you and your family are doing an amazing work of God by ministering. Please don't just dis regard this because I'm 13. I don't think you would have if you've read this far down though! If you see this comment please send me one on my blog. I think it would be awesome to keep up with what God is doing in you and your family's life. Oh, and I think the 5 month year old is absolutly addorable. I help lead worship for older children so I don't get to see a whole lot of the little ones. I am also very sorry about Virginia. I just know that it is all in God's hands. Also,(sorry this is the last thing I promise) I read that you attend a church in California. Our church (HPC) has a campus in Danville. I don't know if that is close to there but I just thought perhaps you'd like to know. Anyway, the best of luck to you and your family. And please pray for our team as we head out for my friends and my first trip to Mexico!!! Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you. And this goes to show, Godly actions such as yours don't only affect those you minister to, but those hundreds of miles away as well!!!

my name said...

So sorry for the longness of the comment, I just wanted to get everything in there. I love Hillsong music too! Except the only CDs I have are in English...tehe. Oh well, I know enough spanish to get around. By the way, the blog title is great. It fits.

Brittney said...

So true... So true! I miss Mexico (crazy I know)