Sunday, February 10, 2008

Virginia passed away.

I was preparing dinner for my family, a guest and the two children of Carlos and Virgina who were all over at the time when I got the call from Virginia's mother.

Get Carlos and come to the hospital now, the situation is serious!

I had visited just the previous day and where she had regressed, and was unable to sign to me or keep her eyes focused on me for very long, she did respond to my visit.

Now I find her struggling for breath, completely unresponsive but to pain. Her mothers eyes are red and tear streaked and she tells me that the doctor has told her there is no hope.

I sign the information to Carlos . . . it takes a bit to sink in, then he excuses himself from the room and shuts himself in the bathroom.

"How long?" I ask, "What happened?"

She doesn't know, the doctor is not there and only said that Virginia was dieing and there was no hope.

are we talking days? Weeks? Hours?

She doesn't know and the doctor is in surgery but said once he comes out he will come over and talk to us . . .

So by the request of Carlos and Virginia's mom we start calling people . . . family and pastors first.

Carlos specifically asks me to call my uncle Marcos , a missionary pastor, to come . . . and I can barely get the request out . . .

Can you come right now, the doctor is not giving Virginia much hope, Carlos asked for you . . .

He comes, and the wife of the pastor of the hearing church that the deaf congregation belongs to comes, that small room is crowded with people who love Virginia, and crowded with questions. . .
what happened? we don't know
how long? we don't know

we're all praying for Virginia

Then the doctor calls - the nurse informs us, and I take the call so that I can then interpret to Carlos what is going on.

The doctor tells me it is multiple organ failure, she had a third stroke and the brain damage is severe, they've done all they could . . . but she's not going to recover.


He can't say for sure . . .

Are we talking weeks? are we talking days? are we talking hours?

Hours, but he can't say how many . . . maybe tonight, maybe in the morning . . . .

OK, I explained to the people in the waiting room what I was just told and then turn to climb the stairs to Virginia's room to tell Carlos . . .

At the door I see the pastor's wife, she doesn't speak to me but it's clear from her red, tear streaked face . . . Virginia had died!

It just happened! They were praying for her, and she passed away . . .

People were still arriving, Carlos' sister, Luke Everett . . . many deaf and we meet them at the door with the same news . . .

Virginia has passed away . . .


I remained with Carlos until he left to go home. Remember their children where at our house. Carlos plans to tell them, and then take them home . . . but it's 10:30pm and both kids are fast asleep, so we just help load the sleeping angles into their car and I bid them goodnight . . .

We know Virginia is celebrating with her Savior. She is hearing the voice of the one who created her . . . and Virginia who always loved the worship in sign is now SINGING with the angels!!!

Our tears are not for her.

They for us
for her husband
for her daughter
her son
and family

We needed her, we miss her

I miss her


Heather said...

Oh Michelle, I am SO SORRY for your loss. and Praising God for His Victory. You WILL see her again, and she will hear your voice.

I will be praying for your family and for Carlos and the children.

Rebekah said...

Michelle, sweet friend, know I'm praying for you, Carlos, the children and all of Virginia's family and friends. I pray God's peace will embrace each of you through this tough time.

K in the Mirror said...

I'm so very sorry. Praying for your families during this hard time.

MikeandCharlsie said...

I am so so sorry for your loss, I could tell by your writing that Virginia was a very dear friend! I pray that The Comforter will comfort you during this time.

Rhonda said...

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. I will pray for Virginia's family and friends. I cannot feel anything but joy for her. She must be so happy!
Con mucho amor en Cristo,

sarahgrace said...

Michelle and Carlos and family, I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you all, and you will be in my prayers. Hugs to you all.

Shane Clements said...

Praying for all of those whose life was touched by Virginia. Our heart goes out to you all in this time of sadness. May God give you strength and comfort.

Bev said...

Michelle, I'm so so sorry to hear of this. I will remember to pray for her family, and for you, after losing her so suddenly.

kellygirl said...

I thank God that I was able to go and be with you all and see all the deaf together again. There were so many. And so many that I have not seen for so long. What a bittersweet time. Besos Y Abrazos mi amiga. And it was so very good to see you and your family too!

dskblawrence said...

Michelle, I am so sad to hear of Virginia's passing. I never met her, but have felt I have gotten to know her a little bit through your life and blog. We will pray for you, yours and Virginia's families thorugh this hard time.

dandelion dust said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for
your loss, for her family's loss. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry to hear this news, but at the same time (as you mentioned) so glad that she is safely Home now. I can't wait to meet her one day :)

((Hugs)) to all of you.

Belizegial said...


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers go out to you and the family of Virginia during this difficult time.

As I've been away from the blogs for awhile, belated congrats to you and hubby on your new baby.

Hugs and best wishes,

Rosemarie said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Praying that God will give freely to all who are mourning.

Virginia will be missed greatly; however, we give God the praise for the ultimate victory of eternal life!

brittney said...

yep... made me cry too! We're home... safe and sound. Thanks for letting us stay with you guys. I already miss Mexico (maybe its a sign... haha)