Friday, February 01, 2008

How the day's fly.

I'm busy trying to get ready to go state side, so I'll be headlining what's been going on.

  • My husband's peritoneal tube sprung a leak about two weeks ago, and he needs surgery to change it. Surgery is finally scheduled for Monday.
  • Meanwhile he has been on hemodialysis three times a week, so he has been driving up to the states and back . . three times a week so that he could continue to work on the projects he's got going here.
  • At the same time his hips started to really really hurt him and after an X-ray and visit with the orthopedic doctor we find that he has an old fracture on the left side but what what hurting him is actually tendinitis of the hips.

OK, all this has been complicated by our vehicles which are reduced by one since our 4-runner (the work car) clutch isn't working. This has forced me at times to climb half way up the mountain of which we are at the foot of, with my three kids in tow, to take my daughter to school and back. I still am hurting.

So today we go state side, baby has a doctor's appointment on Saturday, and a missions meeting. We'll drive back Saturday evening and I interpret worship on Sunday in Ensenada, then Sunday night we are back up state side to prep my hubby for surgery.

His surgery is in the pre-sun morning hours. I'll drive him to and back from the hospital, then Tuesday morning I will drive him to his pre-sun hemodialisis session and back again from the clinic and then I come home to Ensenada with the kids, while hubby stays state side to recover. At some point we will be going back up to get him, but that is not worked out yet.

Are you dizzy yet?

So now my challenge is, before I pack for everyone, I need to see if I can farm my kids out to their uncles or somehow arrange for them to be with someone while I am driving my hubby to and fro from the different hospitals and clinics.

It is times like that I am so grateful for the people that open their homes to us in San Diego where we can make a second home state side. What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I don't get off for Little Peanut...just myself! Little Peanut is the same way... 2 wk. then 2 mos., 4, etc. etc.!

a wandering heart said...

I'll be praying for you guys!!!!

sarahgrace said...

Okay. I don't know what the Klingons say about this ;) but I will be praying for you all!

JulieMom said...

Oh wowza. Busy Mama. I can relate, except for the mountain hiking stuff. I hurt just from reading it. Yikes!! Praying the Lord will give you strength!

Brittney said...

I would take your kids!! I wish we were closer!! Danny's mom said that she would pay for us a trip down there because his sister just had a baby in San Deigo. So Happy day we might be coming sooner than we thought :) How are you holding up?

Cmommy said...

May everything fall in place! Hugs & prayers{}

dandelion dust said...

Sounds crazy busy. I hope everything goes smoothly with your husband's surgery and with everything else going on

Bev said...

My gosh! You have more than a plateful now, and so I'll tuck you inside my list of those to pray for every morning for a bit. I truly don't know how you are holding up to all that you have going on right now!

kellygirl said...

Hey are in my prayers...good grief. You need a little break. Yeah thats an understatement!