Friday, February 01, 2008

Virginia update

An e-mail received from Luke Everett 1/31/08

Dear friends,

Yesterday we took Virginia to a neurologist and had a two brain scans done. He discovered that during Virginia's meningitis episode she had a stroke. Which count for the paralysis of her left side and some of her other symptoms. He was positive that through much therapy she should be
able to recover, but to be patient, it could be a year or so.

At this point she needs to start eating food through her mouth (She still has a feeding tube going into her stomach), he said to get her eating and eating right. He was able to answer any other questions for us, finally he said, "just ask Luke anything, because he went through the same thing with his wife Josefina".

So in a sense it was a good consult, we found out a lot and came away better informed how to help her. He prescribe some pain medicine she can take before they start therapy so it won't hurt so much.

So prayer needs now are:
  • Her bed sore will heal. It cause her much pain.
  • Someone that could come and help them for a while as a home nurse. Three
    of my staff go in once a week on different days to help for a few hours.
    But it would be nice if they had someone full time for any amount of time
    would help.
  • That the physical therapy will continue to help and not hurt so much.
    I am sure finances are always a need.
  • Pray for Carlos as he adapts to a whole new way of life for a while, as
    he juggles the children, his preaching duties and his wife.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love because of Jesus,
Luke Everett
Rancho Sordo Mudo

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