Friday, February 08, 2008

FW: Virginia's update 2/8

E-mail from Luke Everett, Director of Rancho Sordo Mudo


Last night I found out that Virginia had been sent back to the Gov. Hospital a couple days ago with a high fever and throwing up, and her bed sore was worse. They had not done much at all at the hospital and she was getting worse, so I called a doctor friend and had Virginia transferred to a private hospital this morning.

After many more test this is what he told me; In his opinion and others Virginia never had Meningitis, the test done way back then were never conclusive. From the beginning he thinks it was a stroke and that Virginia just happened to have a fever when she had the stroke. On top of that he thinks she might have had another stroke in these last few days which accounts for her present deteriorating condition. Also the feeding tube into her stomach might have been leaking into her body cavity causing two things to happen, lack of food getting into her system and the infection which caused the high fever.

When I left the hospital they were prepping her for another test to determine if indeed the food tube was leaking and if so she would need surgery to clean her insides up before it went septic and put in a new feeding tube. He is confident they will be able to get her infection, clean her up, start antibiotics, scrub and clean the terrible bed sore, get food into her and get her strong again. He however was not too optimistic about her chances of a full recovery walking and movement wise due to her second stroke. But he also reminded me that he thought the same of Josefina when she had her brain aneurysm and etc, and said, "I know God hears your prayers".

Both Carlos and Virginia's mother (along with the rest of us) immediately felt better having Virginia in a hospital where they are actually doing something instead of guessing and doing nothing. As soon as the ambulance drop Virginia off, the nurses were cleaning her up and prepping her for test and etc. The doctor will call me tonight to give me an update on her condition and if they had to do surgery or not. Please keep praying.

Pray for guidance for the doctors

pray for Virginia's recovery from both the infection and be able to move, walk and etc.( we had to suspend physical therapy till she is strong again)

Pray for Carlos and the children and Virginia's mother.

Pray for funds, a private hospital means private money. The doctor assured me they would charge the minimum and some doctors would take a pay cut, but it still will cost. I am confident God will provide.

Pray for the long road ahead of Carlos and his family.

I went to visit Virginia and talk with Carlos this afternoon, and the doctor used the term "brain embolism" when describing what had happened - I don't know how that differs from a stroke - but I have Carlos and Virginia's kids with me now in my house since we are only blocks away from said hospital.

I agree with Luke - pray, pray, pray!

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