Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We're busy, busy . . dreadfully busy . . .

Beth Moore is coming to San Diego, and so am I.

I'm excited about going, and what I'm finding is that several of the missionary ladies around here are going too . . .

(Heather - did you just roll your eyes?) ;-)

And this whole week we've had house guests, who make me feel young-until we stay up talking until close to 2am- then comes 6am, when my boy wants to nurse, and I feel old again.

Very very old.

Post Script - Our deaf lady friend, Rita, is going to have a little boy! I took her to the doctors to interpret and her ultrasound showed that the baby was not shy one bit to let the world know he' s a boy!


sarahgrace said...

Have fun in SD, I had to laugh at your comment to Heather since I was wondering the same thing. I still have never done a beth moore study...

Hoe fun that you got to interpret for your friend, congrats to her!

JulieMom said...

Have a wonderful time!!

*smiles and tries to hide jealousy*

No, really. Have a GOOD time.

Guinevere Meadow said...

"You've no idea what we've got to do,
Busy, busy, Shockingly busy,
Much much too busy for you..."

Veggie Tales comes on TV Saturday mornings over here...have you seen the "Silly Song with Larry" when he's a teacher and he's singing "HOMOPHONES! HOMOPHONES!"

It's very funny.

mutating missionary said...

I swore I would not jump on the Beth Moore 'bandwagon' until God called me into silence for 7 days and I investigated the 4 Gospels all alone with no commentary and nothing but His word, prayer and my journal...Coming out of a friends basement, I determined that God was telling me
Believe God... not Believe in God, but Believe God... then I heard abou the Believing God series. I read a few lines and was sunk. Now I own the DVD and actually use it with women here in Germany!!!!

kellygirl said...

Yeah for you..and thanks for the call! And Yeah for Rita and her little boy!

pianomomsicle said...

Oh my gosh, i LOVE Beth Moore. i've done two of her Bible Studies: one with my mom when i was about 15 or so. i still remember it being a very special time for hers and my relationship.

Beth Moore is so....articulate and challenges a person in a quiet way. i hope you had a great time!

LivPurpleNow! said...

I confess. I'm a Beth Moore junkie. I've done all her Bible studies and look forward to her insight with each new study. She rocks! Jesus oozes from her pores. : )

Heather said...

I took myself away from blogs for about 2 weeks (did you see the long gap in my blog?) so I didn't read this until tonight.

And I had to laugh. I didn't roll my eyes, but I thought about rolling my eyes. hahahaha

Did you have fun?