Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pleasures and treasures

Three things that have been my privilege to introduce to the deaf here in Ensenada:

  • Smores

  • Root beer floats (one gal asked us "you came up with this idea?!")

  • Taco Salads


Happy Mama said...

how fun!... i guess you could make lots of claims that you came up with things!!! oh how famous you could be!!!! it's just so awfully wrong!

K in the Mirror said...

Taco salads? How funny that we think of that as Mexican food but they don't eat them in Mexico. :)

dskblawrence said...

oh to be able to take credit for root beer floats. That is so close to taking credit for heaven. Well done!

Bev said...

Three good ones indeed! It's getting to be taco salad season for us - perfect meal to eat on the patio in late spring.

Believer 1964 said...