Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We couldn't agree what the problem was.
Soon after I had gotten the car washed, it started to smell.


He was apt to blame some kid and an accident or a lost diaper . . . I said it smelled like something died.
I've heard of animals crawling into the mechanics of the car and getting caught . . . 'tis possible . .

We had both forgotten that it wasn't long ago when we had mom in the car.


Eccentricities -

Everybody has one or two - or more

My mom would be categorized in the "or more" group -

One of her "things" is to pocket stuff. Crazy "I'll just put this here for now and deal with it in a bit." and then forget about it stuff. Like leftover chicken wrapped up in a napkin in her purse, cold old fries in a coat pocket.

Like raw turkey frank hastily wrapped in plastic in the map pocket of our car stuff.

That was the dead thing I was smelling.

I am thankful that it was my husband who found it - we dropped mom off March 18th, and at least the day before I know we didn't have access to those turkey franks . . . so sometime before then . . . .

So a shout out to my aunties that chauffeur her around -

Check your map pockets . . .


Happy Mama said...

I guess that would be something dead!

dskblawrence said...

oh yes, God Bless those Aunties! (is it wrong for me to giggle a bit, now that I live in Madison?)

Believer 1964 said...

Yuck! I've never heard of someone putting food that should be thrown away somewhere other than a garbage.