Thursday, March 27, 2008

God fills in the gaps

Often - and I do mean often - I feel like I am barely getting by.
You know, that you are doing so many things that you are doing little well.
Well, every since my friend Virginia passed away, my efforts towards the deaf women's retreat have been half hearted.
She was my co-conspirator - ya know?

Enough people wanted the women's deaf retreat to happen that I quite literally trudged on. This time planning with a co-missionary interpreter, Yesenia. She also is a mother to three young boys. So between that mother and this one, I'd say our planning and organization could best be described as "winged".

But you know, God filled in every gap where we missed it . . . . the speaker, Yamile Grey, was a deaf, on-fire, spirited Colombian who really really had a heart for these ladies.
We had 7 women come - so including us (Yamile, Yesenia and myself) we were 11. That is Grrreat, really!

The place right on the ocean was beautiful, and God really anointed the classes.
It was thrown together, but came out beautifully.

One special note, back when Virginia and I were first planning this we had said that if we could get a church to sponsor it we'd like to surprise all the ladies to a fancy dinner since our theme was "Come dine with Me."

After she passed away I was able to get that sponsoring so then my next task was to find a restaurant to take them to. I was blessed to be able to work a deal with what in downtown Ensenada is considered one of the more fancy-er places to eat "El Rey Sol". French/Mexican cuisine and french decor - The women LOVED IT! They said they felt like queens!

They kept taking pictures of the entrees as they came in.

I took a moment and pointed out that this is exactly what Virginia had hoped for them. And although we wish she where here with us, we knew she was at a banquet much finer than this . . .

Yesenia said "Thanks for making us cry, Michelle"

It was a blessed time.

Now for pictures!

There is one picture thrown in here of a close up of me - very non-flattering - it is a shot of an allergic reaction I had to who-knows-what that made my eyes swell up. The picture is actually of me doing better, but you can still see the puffiness . . .
And the baby is mine. The only guy allowed on this trip because he's still nursing.


Connie said...

Looks like a blessed time. God certainly does fill in the gaps! What a wonderful testimony! The beach looks lovely.

brittney said...

crazy eye! Glad you got better... and happy everything turned out :o)

Rosemarie said...

It seems that God was providing all along while you prepared.

Women's retreats are true blessings and often life changing.

I think of Virginia every time I visit here. I suppose that's because as a good friend should—you remind us.

I agree the Father's table is the best feast ever!

Bless you and your ministry.