Friday, March 21, 2008

But before I go . . .

Today I head out to our deaf women's retreat . . .

But before I do, I just wanted to tell you a bit about a few of the wonderful gals I met at the blogging party . . . which was huge, if you missed it.

This is Modern Mom "about" 2003/2005 New job title: Mom!
Presently: Features researcher, freelance writer; toy & product tester & reviewer.
Previously: TV Producer, Communications liaison, Project Manager, development & marketing. 2001 Candidate for Master’s in Education. 2000 Released original indie album.
1999 BA Communications.
1998 Mrs. Connecticut-America.
1995 New job title: Wife!
1995 Honors graduate, Associates Degree: Sign Language Interpreting/Deaf Studies.
1991 Continental Singer.
1989 Art school.

How cool is that? Of course my interest was piqued at the reference to sign language, and she quotes the movie "The Princess Bride" to boot . . . .
Since popping over to her party I've found her posts oh-so-funny with a dash of deep thinking and a mix of irony and satire to spice it up . . . a winner in my book.

Then I also met and have since enjoyed Jenni from Our life with 3 Girls she has girls about the same age as my three and so we can sigh in unison. Also, I appreciate that her post are often nice and short - due to the young three at hand - to which I greatly empathise . . .

I want to mention Cheryl from The 29:11 Promise. A mother of three and a pastors wife, and she writes of family and thoughts and things. 'Sides, she's a great comment-er.

Finally I'm going to mention a new blog party-er who's ministry is very similar to what we are doing - My life as JulieMom is about JulieMom and her family. They are missionaries to the deaf in South Africa. Her husband is deaf and she is a (hearing) mother of three girls. Plus she is a hoot. Watch out for her sense of humor, it will hit you blind sighted . . . .

There are many more - about 1500 more to be exact - although I didn't get to meet them all, perhaps I will be slowly mentioning a few more that I've come to like along the way - but I've GOT TO PACK!

OK - so I'm off again for this women's retreat . . .I'll take lot ' o pictures and be back later . . .
Ta ta for now y'all!


Rhonda said...

Hi, Michelle! Hope your retreat went well and you have a great Easter Sunday.
I didn't do the blog party thing because I waste enough time on the computer as it is! Anyway, I was looking at what you had written, and i visted JulieMom's blog. I know them! We met them 4 years ago on furlough. We always wondered what had happened to them and if they made it to the field. So glad to see that they did!
She was amazing, taking care of her girls and translating for him.

Thanks for the find!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Have lots of fun!

I LOVE The Princess Bride!!!