Sunday, March 16, 2008

Taking a mini-break

Hello everyone!

I had a blast meeting some neat people at the blogging party and I will be writing about them when we get back -
Were going to take a few family days, and then on Wednesday I will be picking up our guest speaker for our deaf women's retreat . . . once she is settled I'll be back on line . .
Until then!
HUGS to you all . . .


Anonymous said...

hope you have a nice break!

kellygirl said...

Hiya Michelle! I wish I could be there for the retreat...really do..snif..snif. I had thought it possible before but there is no way for it to happen. I am glad I got to see you last month though. Even if the circumstances surrounding it were not good.

Rosemarie said...


JulieMom said...

Have a wonderful time. I am so jealous you are having a retreat! If I had the cash on hand I would totally fly over there and crash it- even though our sign is nowhere near the same. ;0)

But we both speak it could work out.

Will miss you!

Mike said...

Have fun. Lots of them.