Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Determine Your "Star Wars" Name

Taken from Notes from a (Mostly) Dry Place . . .
For your new first name:
Take the first 3 letters of your first name and add the first 2 letters of your last name

For your new last name:
Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and add the first 3 letters of the city where you were born

To determine your Star Wars honorific name and title:

Take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them, then add the name of the first car you drove/owned;

Next insert the word "of";

Now tack on the name of the last medication you took.

Sincerely Yours

Micpf Shoax
Notchevy of Tylenol


Rose said...

I am Rosde Babel
Sremustang of Acetaminophen

Sandra said...

OOH! Love it!! May I steal it?

Sanwi Bacha
Rebford of NuxVomica

sarahgrace said... you may know, we here are inundated with all things Star Wars, so I had to do this..

I am Sarde Fobas or
Recltd of Tylenol

(Hey, I'm from Tylenol too!)

kellygirl said...

Thats not fair because the last 2 of my first name and the first 2 of my last are the same!
It comes out as...
Kelly Scday

Hcnissan of Tylenol

Hey Tylenol seems to be a popular planet to be from!