Monday, January 29, 2007

I *heart* Jesus.

"What, mommy?" I hear from my three year old besides me.

She and I are running errands together. Not to long before this my mother mentioned that she was a bit saddened that my little girl loved princesses more than Jesus.

Mom has a point. But how do you compete with those she has already met? They have accessories! And I already am not 100% comfortable pointing to any drawing or depiction of Jesus and saying "that's Him" . . .

So I made a conscious effort to speak to and about my relationship with Jesus, and perhaps she will pick up His "realness" just a bit more from me. So back to the car . . .

"I wasn't talking to you, baby, I was talking to Jesus."

"Jesus not here" she says matter of fact.

"No, Jesus is here and He hears you when you talk to Him..


. . pause . . .

"No, Jesus not here. He at church." she says..

"He's here, you just can't see Him, baby girl, like the wind . . . (commence deep theological truths to be explained in 3 year old terms) . . . and He hears us, and when He talks to us you'll hear it in your heart..

"To which she looks down at her sweater that has a heart on it..

"OH! There's my heart!".

Hmmm, think she "got" it?


Kelli in the Mirror said...

You think they'd get it more easily if someone came out with an accessory line? There could be action figures. Walking on the water, loaves and fishes... :)

Sort of tongue in cheek and sort of serious there. It's definitely hard to compete with the mass marketing out there. Sounds like you're doing good though.

Yellow Mama said...

Very cute.

Actions speak very distinctly...

Mike said...

I think so.

One time, last Christmas, my 3-year old came to me and asked, "Did you go tell it the mountains?"

"What?!" I said.

I gave him my look. He gave me his look then said, "Jesus Christ is borned."

Music helps, too.


Amanda said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for your suggestion about giving away an item. I'd be happy to do that. How do I go about it? You can email me if you like: :)

kellygirl said...

sounds to me liek a pretty good start. I agree with you on the 'identifying' Jesus with one specific picture. But I am also on the line because if they have a picture bible or something that has cute pictures of Jesus in their. They will relate that to being Jesus. I think maybe when they are so little it is ok to have 'some ' kind of visual for them. Something to 'accessorize' along with the stories they hear.

sarahgrace said...

I've struggled myself with how to introduce relationship with Jesus to my son, but I think what you've got going here is a good start, and eventually she will get it, and will be dishing out all sorts of theological stuff like the four year old girl that I watch.... ; )

Rose said...

I think that she's got it too. Your daughter is really cute.