Saturday, March 21, 2009

Uh -

It was a week with me in Alaska and when I got home ALL the dishes were awaiting me.

To hubby's credit, the house was picked up, and vacuumed. Kids were all accounted for with all their limbs attached - if unwashed.

But ALL the dishes were there growing things! including the cup that I used to drink some coffee before I left more than a week ago!

All this fuzzy stuff pictured is GROWTH! GROWTH! UGH!

It was the nastiest job ever. But it's all done. Washed with water so hot it burned through my rubber gloves.
I think I may be a wee bit more specific about what tasks are to be done while I'm away.


Anonymous said...

Ugh!! Ugh!! OK I rescind my offer! :)

Anonymous said...

Just kidding!

Heather said...

um... At least the kids were fed.