Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rant on crime and going to Mexico.

Luke is director of the deaf school I used to work at. I love this video because it pretty much reflects how I feel. They are about 30 minutes from where we are. He is hard of hearing, hence the accent.

Mostly, the only time I hear about the violence in Mexico is when I am in the states.



Jim said...

Nice! Thanks for posting. :) I added this post to my shared items. :)

Jan said...

Somehow I missed this when you posted it originally! I agree totally, and I think it's sad that so many people are afraid. We tell people the same thing: you're pretty safe as long as you aren't a soldier, police officer, or drug cartel participant. There is nothing 100% sure, though, and we can't guarantee anything, but we know that going anywhere we take that risk - even in our own homes!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Reminds me of a childhood rhyme we used to play on the playground at school- one of those silly handclapping things, remember those? Anyway, it went like this:

"Shame, shame, shame,
I don't wanna go to Mexico
No more, no more,
There's a big fat policeman
At the door, door, door,
And he'll grab you by the collar,
And make you holler,
Shame, shame, shame,
I don't wanna go to Mexico."

Glad to know there is no truth in that rhyme. Unless you are transporting weapons or drugs or have a suspicious-sounding name.

I'd actually love to come to Mexico sometime.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I am afraid too because of what everyone is saying. My parents are going there soon to get their teeth worked on but they are a little frightened. So I guess it must just all be rumors. By the way, I tagged you on my blog. :)