Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's been rumored, so let me set the record straight -

Yes - I went from Mexico to Alaska for a little over a week in March. Leaving my two of the three with their dad and taking the baby with me on my lap.

And, contrary to what we heard, the sun DID rise in the morning.

I went to visit my awesome-ness cousin (who wrote of it here) for a "rest".

It had been a long long time since I've had to take care of what shoes I was wearing 'cause I might slip.

It was baby's first experience of air that bit and snow that towered over his head. He is not a fan of getting wet in the first place . . . so you can imagine how he liked SNOW!

We saw 7 bald eagles, 3 moose, and 3 wild dall sheep, and the top of Mt. McKinley in Denali park (thanks Annie! for it's proper spelling) -the highest mountain in North America. Of which Zero of my pictures were good for.

For those family and friends who then clamored for PICTURES - here you go:


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh-some!! :)

Gene Bach said...

Alaska is a way cool place. We were there for a week about 3 years ago and it was great. Of course, it was during the summer. LOL!

Hey, I have a song and slide show on my blog that, I recorded yesterday, and I think you might like it. Stop by and check it out.


Guinevere Meadow said...

I have some friends who recently went on a cruise to Alaska. I am ACHING to go there sometime! Such incredible, untouched, beauty.