Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Virginia update 1/19/08

This is an e mail that was sent by Luke Everett Director of Rancho Sordo Mudo (where I worked for 8 years, and met my husband) Oh, and BTW, they have an upcoming documentary coming out about this place.

Dear Friends,

Virginia . . . had to go back to the hospital because of bed sores for
a few days.
We hope the bed sores will get better. Some good buddies were able to
get a real nice hospital bed with a pressure relief mattress, 2 nice wheels
chairs, and other needed items. She is still being fed through a stomach tube.

The biggest concern with her now is her immobility, at this time she
is almost like in a frozen position and can only move one hand, her eyes do
not move much either so you have to stand right in front of her to
sign. She responses with yes and no signs, but communication is very limited.
She needs a lot of physical therapy. She needs someone to come and
help care for her for a month or two. We were blessed that when Josefina got home from her brain surgery 5 years ago that God sent a young lady to help us
for 2 months and she was a big blessing. I am hoping the same will happen
to Virginia. She needs constant care and someone to help get her
moving. Carlos is doing his best caring for their 2 young children and
working with the deaf in Ensenada and helping his wife. I was able to get
a local physical therapist to go to their home 3 times a week and work with

Hopefully Carlos and Virginia's mother will be able to learn from the
therapist and keep working with her. I could not stress hard enough to
Carlos and his mother in law the importance of getting Virginia moving
again. She has been bedridden for over 6 weeks and her muscles
are atrophying. I am praying and hoping the therapist will be able to
help. Please pray with us, pray for Virginias recovery and mobility, it
hurts her when they try to move her arms and legs. Pray that God will send
someone to stay and help them for a month or two. Thank you for


dandelion dust said...

Oh.. I would go down there to help her in a minute if there was any way that I could possibly do it. I hope you all find someone soon. It doesnt sound like she's doing too well. She's still in my thoughts and prayers.... I so hope she makes a complete recovery. Have the doctors said what caused this to happen?

Amy said...

Oh bless her heart, that must be terrible for her and for her family. I will definitely say a prayer for them!

kellygirl said...

So very much in our hearts and prayers. If only I could come...