Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Update on Virginia:

Her husband when he went to see her she looked at him . . .

I mean LOOKED at him!!!

and with a bit of effort she did this:

Can you see it???

It's the "I love you" sign!!!!

Oh, we are far from "recovered" but it is a small step forward!!!!

Carlos told me this, and passed the picture on to me earlier today.

Then, just now he stopped by with his kids and asked if I could watch them 'cause he just got a text message from a friend that has been his contact with the hospital . . the text said that Virginia is going in for surgery.

That's all the text said- so you, me, and Carlos (at that time) all know the same thing.

Let me sum it up this way . . .

Praise God for the prayers he has answered today, and keep praying for Virginia and this surgery and for the bed sores she's developing.

Oh, and pray for me right now with this house full of 5 kids ages 6 and under. *sigh* I was already tired, but good thing is that I was making spaghetti!


sarahgrace said...

Praise God! That is a step forward! Still praying for you all!

Rebekah said...

What an awesome picture that captured such a sweet moment. Praying for Virginia. Please keep us updated!

dskblawrence said...

Praying for Virginia, her family, and YOU!

dandelion dust said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear about thaat step forward. Virginia is in my prayers!