Sunday, December 23, 2007

More prayer needs

This post is being typed by a friend. Michelle (and family) had gone stateside a few days ago to visit with their family etc... And before they were able to return home to Mexico her husband (who as many of you know is on dialysis) was complaining of pain in his ribs. He thought it was from coughing but it hurt so bad that he went to the hospital ER. He ended up being admitted and was found to have pnemonia. But not only that, her youngest, their baby boy, also has pnemonia. Michelle and kids have gone back home to Mexico and the baby is taking medication. Her husband is still in the hospital stateside the last that I heard.

Please be praying for them.
Be praying for Michelle...for God to give her the rest and strength when she needs it.
For the kiddos and the home to be covered in peace....that passes understanding.
For the deaf ministry, because it is being hit so hard right now. That the Lord will turn EVERYTHING aroung for His glory and purpose.


Monkey Giggles said...

In prayer!

sarahgrace said...

Dear Lord,
We lift up Michelle and her family to you, and ask for your grace and provision in their lives right now. We ask for healing for her husband and son. We ask for strength, peace, and joy for Michelle. Lord we also pray for healing for Virginia and her family. Strengthen this ministry through this, bring these families and friends together. We thank you for these things, in Your name, Amen.