Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What God has in store

As most of you know, my husband is on peritoneal dialysis. His kidney's failed about 3 years ago. We have praised our Lord for peritoneal dialysis because it allowed us to continue to serve here in Mexico.

But now we need prayers for clear vision, since my hubby's numbers are not so hot (to put it mildly), the doctors threatens that he may need to go back to hemodialysis. That would be 3 times a week and a full days worth of recovery, since it wipes him out. Also, it's painful for my needle-phobe hubby.

Admittedly, Hubby could do a whole lot better if he just took all his meds and ate right, so now he is really really trying, but it is his weak spot-that's for sure- and all my loving nagging wouldn't help one bit.
As it is, the doctors want to see him twice a week to give him shots to boost his red blood cells, since they are particularily low. This makes him animic, which makes him easily tired.

This has the potential to change things

a lot of things

So the prayer request is this: ". . . asking God to fill [us] with the knowledge of his will. . ." Col 1:9


dskblawrence said...

Oh Michelle,

I will be praying, for you, Lonnie, direction, peace.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I'll will be praying for your husband.

Also, please pray for me. Doctors keep telling me my kidneys are damaged and want me to go for testing. I've had so many kidney infections, it's making it worse. I pray my kidneys will return back to normal health.

Connie said...


dandelion dust said...

I will be praying for your husband and your family

kailani said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

An Island Life

Shane Clements said...

We will be praying for your husband and your family.

Sallie said...

Michelle -- Praying for God to show His will to you in a most open and showing way..

God bless,

Yellow Mama said...

I agree with your prayer. I also pray for very clear and specific instructions for you and your hubby, and the strength to do what God tells you to do. I like this verse out of Isaiah.

"Surely he took up our (lifted up) infirmities (literally our sickness) and carried (bore the load) our sorrows (pain or sorrow), yet we considered (judged) him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted (brow beaten). But he was pierced (defiled/polluted) for our transgressions (rebellion), he was crushed for our iniquities (guilt and depravity); the punishment (discipline) that brought us peace (shalom...or everything needed by us...completeness in mind, spirit, soul and body) was upon him, and by his wounds (stripes or bruises...the mark left on the sking by strokes) we are healed. ( make healthful)

May the work Christ did on the cross for us all be alive in your mortal bodies and I decree healing to flow from the hand of the Father to you both.


a wandering heart said...


Jan said...

Wow, Michelle. I can't imagine having to deal with that here... I pray for clear direction, understanding, and most of all HEALING!

sarahgrace said...

I will be praying just that and more for you!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you and Lonnie have truly had your share of trials in such a short span of life. I know your faith is strong and He will provide and direct you during these tough times. It is often hard to understand why everything has to happen all at once, but that He will sustain you and keep you through this.
You are in my prayers as always,
that He will give you the strength and stamina you both need to get through all of this.

GOd Bless you and keep you,
Always, lc