Monday, October 15, 2007

Life with a newborn

Oh! We are seeing his first smiles now! That is always so delightful.

But I've noticed two changes in habits since he's arrived:
*It is easy to not change into jammies (after I've gotten out of them) for a day or more and
*I've cease making my bed
for the same reason that there isn't a "bed time" for me right now since he is nursing every 2-3 hours. Instead I just seam to nap sporadically through out this 24 hour period.

The unmade bed to me is like wishful thinking . . . "why make it, I'll be back under the covers soon" even though that may not be the case . . .

Speaking of which, I guess I'll get under those covers now . . .


Amy said...

This sounds like my life with a newborn a year and a half ago. I got very little done. Besides the nursing she liked to be held all day...whew, was I a tired girl!

You are correct about the democratic candidates. Unfortunately I don't agree with some serious policies of both of theirs and one of them is likely to win. I'm pretty sure we are not going to have a Repulican president.

Maybe we should consider moving to Mexico... :)

daisyaday said...

Oh, hurray! You had your baby. I stopped checking your blog back in September when you were off to the States for your doctor care.

Congratulations, mama! Life with a newborn is a whole different schedule, but it lasts for a relatively short time. Sounds like you're doing fine.

Clean? Well, I never managed to keep anything clean right after a baby was born. I was too busy and too tired. :)

Julie said...

Your comment made me smile. A cow'll definitely have to blog that!

You really can freeze milk?? For how long? I really thought my grandma was the only person who did that. I might actually try it... : )

Rosemarie said...

You're blessed and with already two through that stage, you’re a pro already!

The bed I never make mine unless if company visits. ;) Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy this time with babies, because we know they don't keep!

kailani said...

I was just the opposite, I never got out of my pjs! What a wonderful time for you and your family!

Lu said...

Boy! I am starting to remember all those newborn won't be long for us! Congratulations! Hope you're getting some sleep!