Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I think it was cactus.

Today, the ladies from the Gran Ciudad of Porvenir, also known as 'Poh-Dunk' are starting something new and of great blessing to us! That is saying a lot, since it is well known that things just don't change much in Porvenir. It's the predecessor to Never-never land.

I went to church last Sunday - the baby being a week old, may be unusual, but I don't think unheard of, and I do so love me some good churching . . . but when I walked through a room on my way to change the newborn's diaper, a lady of the church gave looked at me with HUGE SAUCER EYES . .

"I can't believe your here!!!"

I mumbled something in response akin to me staying in the house all week, and I'm ready to get OUT . . . so she started to tell me about the "La Cuarentena"

La cuarentena is the 40-day postpartum period during which the mother is to rest and adjust to having a new infant. During this recuperation period, the mother is discouraged from getting out of bed for the first few hours after birth, if at all, unless she needs to use the bathroom. She is also discouraged from taking showers for several days. Another friend told me that she had heard that they were discouraged from taking showers for the WHOLE 40 days. To provide for this mother-newborn bonding time, family members usually take care of household chores.

Nice, huh?

Anyway . . . since I don't have any extra help at the home, my non-blogging gal pal arranged for these ladies to make us dinner for two weeks. This is something I hear of more and more happening state side, but a NEW NEW NEW idea to these ladies.

And today we got our first feast!

I think it was cactus . . . " nopal", but I'm not 100% sure, mixed with beef . . .I hope it was beef. It was tasty, slightly squeaky when we ate it, with Spanish rice and re fried beans, and corn tortillas . . . all home made except the tortillas.

I am grateful!

And if anything this promises to be a dining adventure!!!


Midsummer Night said...

What a wonderful blessing! Enjoy the next two weeks.

And I wish I was able to have "La Cuarentena" after my baby is born, but it is so not happening here either. Oh and I wish for the rest and others doing the chores thing. I still want showers.

Just Me said...

I've heard of "La Cuarentena" too. Strange stuff

kailani said...

Why didn't anybody tell me about this after I gave birth? Although, I don't think I could handle the not bathing for 40 days thing! Yikes!

Mike said...

Now that's more than nice. :)



Gene Bach said...

The pampering would be cool...but no shower for 40 days? YUCK! LOL!!!

Jan said...

When we lived in Nicaragua we learned that their beliefs went even beyond the Mexicans. They stuff cotton in their ears so the air won't get in after they give birth and make them deathly ill. They also don't read for 40 days because they say it will make them blind. Some women will only eat tortillas and beans during the 40 days, saying other foods will make them sick. They also don't believe in bathing for 40 days and won't leave the house OR the bed. I can imagine you caused quite the stir by getting out so soon. We always just explained to the Nicaraguans that we have different customs, it was easier than saying we didn't believe theirs. They would then say I wasn't affected by things because I was American... okay, whatever!

Sallie said...

What? You're in Mexico and the tortilla's weren't homemade.. for shame...LOL..

I don't think anyone could stand not having a shower for 40 days. Of course, it takes care of making sure you don't get pregnant right away..LOL..

God bless,

Rosemarie said...

I wished that for every cute outfit they sent my daughter we received a cooked meal instead. It true, the first few months moms need that kind of help. You're blessed!

Rosemarie said...

PS I believe the not showering is related to attachment style parenting. You know the smells of mom and bonding!