Friday, August 31, 2007

"Tomalo" or "Take It All" - Hillsong United

This song I first heard at a youth gathering here in Ensenada . . . IT SO ROCKED! I got the CD as soon as I could . . . and here to find that they have this album in English and Spanish.

I have the Spanish version, but for your listening pleasure I've included the English version too . . .

It's ALMOST enough to make this mama jump up and down like a teenager . . . almost.

My spirit is jumping.

The Spanish version:

Tómalo (Take it All)
Álbum: Unidos Permaneceremos

De todo lugar los perdidos vendrán,
en libertad, a ti clamarán,
llevaste la cruz, moriste, vivo estás,
mi Dios, a ti mi vida te daré.

Enviaste a Jesús, por mi salvación,
Por la eternidad en ti tengo perdón,
Busqué la verdad y te encontré a ti,
mi Dios, a ti mi vida te daré.

Jesús, por ti yo viviré,
de ti nunca me avergonzaré
Te doy todo lo que soy,
toma, tómalo, toma, tómalo.

Eres el que vista al ciego da,
Brillas en la oscuridad,
La salvación del mundo en tus manos, está.

The English version:

Hillsong United - Take It All Lyrics

Searching in the world
The lost will be found
In freedom we live
As one we cry out

You carry the cross
You died and rose again
My God I’ll only ever give my all

You sent Your Son
From Heaven to earth
Delivered us all
It’s eternally heard

I searched for truth
And all I found was You
My God I’ll only ever give my all

Jesus we’re living for Your Name
We’ll never be ashamed of You
In our praise
And in all we are today
Take, take, take it all

Running to the One who heals the blind
Following the shining light
In Your hands the power to save the world
My life


Jan said...

Michele, I'm like you... now I hear a song in Spanish and I think it's incredible and then I am surprised to find they have it in English. I like this one in both, but I think the Spanish version flows better... Toma tomalo!! There's another one on that album (Unidos Permanacemos) that is called "None but Jesus" in English and "Solo Cristo" in Spanish that I love. It's a great worship song. You can find it on Youtube, though the video in English is better. Have fun rocking out today!

Indiana Amy said...

Thanks for being so inspirational for my Christian walk Michelle.

daisyaday said...

Found you through Growing With Julia--love the music, love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michele,
You are a Godsend. I needed to have this song translated for an event and here it is -- already translated!!!! May Christ continue to "Rock" your world. Blessings to all, Mrs. Parish

Susan said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics in both Spanish and English--that's exactly what I was looking for. Even though I don't speak Spanish, I love the Spanish version of the song--I get the chorus stuck in my head quite often! :)

lei said...

hey michelle, im a christian too from the philippines. i really happy to find your blog on the net. i been looking for the spanish version of this song on the net. as what jan said it is really incredible. you would really feel blessed hearing this version. though i hardly know some spanish words.but it is so amazing. can i have also a copy of the spanish version of none but Jesus? i also love that version.please.thanks GOD bless you more

Jess said...

Michelle, this is amazing. I've been looking for the Spanish lyrics to this song because I love it so much. You're a true woman of God and I admire what you do for Him.

frank said...

thanks michelle....... i dono spanish but still i love it more than the english one!