Friday, August 31, 2007

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Hello all . . .

This is becoming a 'baby inbound' blog. Life goes on here, it really does, but honestly there is little of my mind left, and it is pretty much on baby's arrival.

Hence this blogs latest theme . . . *ehem*

I spent three days state side at numerous doctors appointments this last week . . . all by myself (and wouldn't you know my blood sugar numbers were GREAT!) then right when I got back I got asked to go and help interpret at a doctors appointment the next morning.

Yes, ministry does continue, my hubby continues to be busy with various projects for different ministries . . . I'll be interpreting worship this Sunday, and trying to write up a newsletter for our supporters before this little guy comes.

Now that we are back on the subject of this little guy . . .

Previously on Between diapers and Dishes I told you that my doctor wanted me to get an amniocentesis on the 17th, and possibly deliver baby. Well, after an ultrasound showed that this little gymnast has now placed himself in breach position an amniocentesis would be too risky and hence we had to schedule a C-section.

The soonest that the hospital had available for a scheduled C-section is Sep 30. The day before my due date. So, now it is just my fingers being crossed that kiddo wants to come out early on his own. I AM SO READY!

I never had a C-section and would much rather baby come on his own.

Meanwhile - My house is being taken over by battalions of immortal vicious tiny red ants that are biting us and quick to move on any crumb. My soon to be 4 year old has started public school where they only speak Spanish, and my hubby has an appointment to speak to a doctor about having his thyroid removed . . . (recalling that he does live with kidney failure) since his possphorates are too high and his red blood cell level too low.

Oh and want some candy sprinkles with this cake??? The hospital where I am planning on delivering is getting their whole maternity ward remodeled starting Monday.

Just as long as my recovery room isn't in the halls!!!

There are so many things I want to tell you about . . .

  • the ultra sound guy that looks like he should be in a soap opera

  • the receptionist guy in the maternity ward that is called "Ish"

  • why triage should not be the place where Non-stress tests are done

  • how this whole, ministry in Mexico, delivery in USA is going on

But here's the bottom line . . . I'll be in here much less than I have been. I'll be visiting less too . . but I'll still be in orbit around this bloggity universe . . . right now I must be off to put away the MOUNTAIN of clothes that my darling hubby was good enough to wash while I was away . . .

Hasta luego!


kellygirl said...

Oh my gosh Michelle! Wow! We can pray that baby will turn, right? Well you know that I had 3 out of 4 births ceserean. Just as long as someone doesn't come along and try to make you laugh the day after...ahem. Wish I could be there to support you.

sarahgrace said...

Michelle- I will praying that baby turns around and that you have all the energy and sanity you need in these upcoming weeks and months!

Lu said...

I second everyone's comments....keep a pillow close to your belly CAUSE IT HURTS to laugh!!! :) And I pray your recovery is quick! Bubbie was also breach, with his cord wrapped around his neck twice, so we had no choice about a c-section...this second one, I have placenta previa, so....right now the baby couldn't come it looks like I'll be in your same boat at the end of the year....another c-section here we come! Good luck!

kailani said...

Boy, you sure have your hands full right now! Let us know when the happy moment arrives!

a wandering heart said...

Praying for you, michelle!!!!

Shera said...

Definitely praying that your baby decides to do a somersault between now and then!

Wishing you all the best!

Rosemarie said...

Praying that baby comes naturally. Come on buddy! Mama's waiting for you.

PS I loved the ultra sound guy comment. Too funny!

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